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Part Class Reference

#include <part.h>

Inheritance diagram for Part:

Okular::DocumentObserver KDocumentViewer

List of all members.

Detailed Description

Main Part.

This is a "Part". It that does all the real work in a KPart application.

Wilco Greven <greven@kde.org>

Definition at line 71 of file part.h.

Public Types

enum  ChangedFlags {
  Pixmap = 1, Bookmark = 2, Highlights = 4, TextSelection = 8,
  Annotations = 16
enum  SetupFlags { DocumentChanged = 1, NewLayoutForPages = 2 }

Public Slots

Q_SCRIPTABLE QString currentDocument ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE uint currentPage ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void goToPage (uint page)
Q_SCRIPTABLE Q_NOREPLY void openDocument (const QString &doc)
Q_SCRIPTABLE uint pages ()
void psTransformEnded (int, QProcess::ExitStatus)
void restoreDocument (const KConfigGroup &group)
void saveDocumentRestoreInfo (KConfigGroup &group)
void slotDoFileDirty ()
void slotFileDirty (const QString &)
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotFind ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotGotoFirst ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotGotoLast ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotNextPage ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotPreferences ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotPreviousPage ()
void slotPrint ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotPrintPreview ()
Q_SCRIPTABLE void slotTogglePresentation ()


void enablePrintAction (bool enable)

Public Member Functions

virtual bool canUnloadPixmap (int page) const
virtual void notifyContentsCleared (int flags)
void notifyPageChanged (int page, int flags)
virtual void notifySetup (const QVector< Okular::Page * > &pages, int setupFlags)
void notifySetup (const QVector< Okular::Page * > &pages, int setupFlags)
void notifyViewportChanged (bool smoothMove)
virtual void notifyVisibleRectsChanged ()
virtual void notifyZoom (int factor)
uint observerId () const
bool openDocument (const KUrl &url, uint page)
 Part (QWidget *parentWidget, QObject *parent, const QVariantList &args)
KUrl realUrl () const
void startPresentation ()
QStringList supportedMimeTypes () const

Protected Slots

void cannotQuit ()
void close ()
void enableTOC (bool enable)
void loadCancelled (const QString &reason)
void openUrlFromBookmarks (const KUrl &url)
void openUrlFromDocument (const KUrl &url)
void setMimeTypes (KIO::Job *job)
void setWindowTitleFromDocument ()
void slotAboutBackend ()
void slotAddBookmark ()
void slotExportAs (QAction *)
void slotFindNext ()
void slotGetNewStuff ()
void slotGoToPage ()
void slotHideFindBar ()
void slotHidePresentation ()
void slotHistoryBack ()
void slotHistoryNext ()
bool slotImportPSFile ()
void slotNewConfig ()
void slotNewGeneratorConfig ()
void slotNextBookmark ()
void slotPreviousBookmark ()
void slotRebuildBookmarkMenu ()
void slotReload ()
void slotSaveFileAs ()
void slotShowEmbeddedFiles ()
void slotShowFindBar ()
void slotShowLeftPanel ()
void slotShowMenu (const Okular::Page *page, const QPoint &point)
void slotShowPresentation ()
void slotShowProperties ()
void updateBookmarksActions ()
void updateViewActions ()

Protected Member Functions

bool closeUrl ()
bool openFile ()
bool openUrl (const KUrl &url)

Private Slots

void slotGeneratorPreferences ()

Private Member Functions

void doPrint (QPrinter &printer)
bool handleCompressed (QString &destpath, const QString &path, const QString &compressedMimetype)
void rebuildBookmarkMenu (bool unplugActions=true)
void setupPrint (QPrinter &printer)
void unsetDummyMode ()
void updateAboutBackendAction ()

Private Attributes

QAction * m_aboutBackend
bool m_actionsSearched
QAction * m_addBookmark
QIcon m_addBookmarkIcon
QString m_addBookmarkText
BrowserExtension * m_bExtension
QList< QAction * > m_bookmarkActions
bool m_cliPresentation
QAction * m_copy
QTimer * m_dirtyHandler
int m_dirtyToolboxIndex
bool m_dummyMode
QAction * m_exportAs
QAction * m_exportAsText
QList< Okular::ExportFormatm_exportFormats
QAction * m_find
FindBar * m_findBar
QAction * m_findNext
QAction * m_firstPage
KXMLGUIClient * m_generatorGuiClient
QAction * m_gotoPage
QAction * m_historyBack
QAction * m_historyNext
QAction * m_lastPage
QPointer< MiniBarm_miniBar
QAction * m_nextBookmark
QAction * m_nextPage
QPointer< PageSizeLabelm_pageSizeLabel
QPointer< PageViewm_pageView
QPointer< PresentationWidgetm_presentationWidget
QAction * m_prevBookmark
QAction * m_prevPage
QAction * m_printPreview
QPointer< ProgressWidgetm_progressWidget
KUrl m_realUrl
QAction * m_reload
QAction * m_saveAs
QStringList m_searchHistory
QAction * m_selectAll
QAction * m_showEmbeddedFiles
KToggleFullScreenAction * m_showFullScreenAction
KToggleAction * m_showLeftPanel
KToggleAction * m_showMenuBarAction
QAction * m_showPresentation
QAction * m_showProperties
Sidebar * m_sidebar
KTemporaryFile * m_tempfile
QString m_temporaryLocalFile
QPointer< ThumbnailListm_thumbnailList
QPointer< TOC > m_toc
Okular::DocumentViewport m_viewportDirty
bool m_wasPresentationOpen
bool m_wasSidebarVisible
KDirWatch * m_watcher

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