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fontProgressDialog Class Reference

#include <fontprogress.h>

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Detailed Description

A dialog to give feedback to the user when kpsewhich is generating fonts.

This class implements a dialog which pops up, shows a progress bar and displays the MetaFont output. It contains three slots, outputReceiver, setTotalSteps and hideDialog which can be connected with the appropriate signals emitted by the fontpool class.

Stefan Kebekus <kebekus@kde.org>

Definition at line 32 of file fontprogress.h.

Public Member Functions

 fontProgressDialog (const QString &helpIndex, const QString &label, const QString &abortTip, const QString &whatsThis, const QString &ttip, QWidget *parent=0, bool progressbar=true)
void increaseNumSteps (const QString &explanation)
void setTotalSteps (int, QProcess *proc=0)

Public Attributes

QLabel * TextLabel2

Private Slots

void killProcess ()

Private Attributes

QPointer< QProcess > process
int progress
QProgressBar * ProgressBar1
QLabel * TextLabel1

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