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kpToolFlowPixmapBase Class Reference

#include <kpToolFlowPixmapBase.h>

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Detailed Description

Abstract base call for all continuous tools that draw pixmaps (e.g. Brush, Eraser).

Clarence Dang <dang@kde.org>

Definition at line 44 of file kpToolFlowPixmapBase.h.

Public Slots

void somethingBelowTheCursorChanged ()


void actionActivated ()
void actionToolTipChanged (const QString &string)
void beganDraw (const QPoint &point)
void cancelledShape (const QPoint &point)
void endedDraw (const QPoint &point)
void movedAndAboutToDraw (const QPoint &currentPoint, const QPoint &lastPoint, int zoomLevel, bool *scrolled)
void userMessageChanged (const QString &userMessage)
void userShapePointsChanged (const QPoint &startPoint=KP_INVALID_POINT, const QPoint &endPoint=KP_INVALID_POINT)
void userShapeSizeChanged (int width, int height)
void userShapeSizeChanged (const QSize &size)

Public Member Functions

kpToolAction * action () const
virtual void begin ()
virtual void beginDraw ()
void beginDrawInternal ()
void beginInternal ()
QPoint calculateCurrentPoint (bool zoomToDoc=true) const
virtual void cancelShape ()
void cancelShapeInternal ()
QString cancelUserMessage () const
QString description () const
virtual void draw (const QPoint &thisPoint, const QPoint &lastPoint, const QRect &normalizedRect)
virtual QRect drawPoint (const QPoint &point)
virtual bool drawShouldProceed (const QPoint &, const QPoint &, const QRect &)
virtual void end ()
virtual void endDraw (const QPoint &, const QRect &)
void endDrawInternal (const QPoint &thisPoint, const QRect &normalizedRect, bool wantEndShape=false)
void endInternal ()
void endShapeInternal (const QPoint &thisPoint=QPoint(), const QRect &normalizedRect=QRect())
virtual void enterEvent (QEvent *e)
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *e)
virtual void focusOutEvent (QFocusEvent *e)
virtual void globalDraw ()
bool hasBegun () const
bool hasBegunDraw () const
virtual bool hasBegunShape () const
bool hasCurrentPoint () const
virtual void hover (const QPoint &point)
virtual QString iconName () const
QIcon iconSet (int forceSize=0) const
int key () const
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
virtual void keyReleaseEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
 kpToolFlowPixmapBase (const QString &text, const QString &description, int key, kpToolEnvironment *environ, QObject *parent, const QString &name)
virtual void leaveEvent (QEvent *e)
virtual void mouseMoveEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
virtual void mousePressEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
virtual void mouseReleaseEvent (QMouseEvent *e)
virtual void releasedAllButtons ()
virtual void reselect ()
void setDescription (const QString &description)
void setKey (int key)
void setText (const QString &text)
void setUserMessage (const QString &userMessage=QString())
void setUserShapePoints (const QPoint &startPoint=KP_INVALID_POINT, const QPoint &endPoint=KP_INVALID_POINT, bool setSize=true)
void setUserShapeSize (int width, int height)
void setUserShapeSize (const QSize &size=KP_INVALID_SIZE)
KShortcut shortcut () const
QString text () const
QString toolTip () const
QString userMessage () const
QPoint userShapeEndPoint () const
int userShapeHeight () const
QSize userShapeSize () const
QPoint userShapeStartPoint () const
int userShapeWidth () const
virtual bool viewEvent (QEvent *e)
kpViewviewUnderStartPoint () const
virtual void wheelEvent (QWheelEvent *e)

Static Public Member Functions

static int calculateLength (int start, int end)
static QString cancelUserMessage (int mouseButton)
static QRect hotRectForMousePointAndBrushWidthHeight (const QPoint &mousePoint, int brushWidth, int brushHeight)
static QPixmap neededPixmap (const QPixmap &pixmap, const QRect &boundingRect)
static QRect neededRect (const QRect &rect, int lineWidth)
static KShortcut shortcutForKey (int key)
static QString toolTipForTextAndShortcut (const QString &text, const KShortcut &shortcut)
static bool warnIfBigImageSize (int oldWidth, int oldHeight, int newWidth, int newHeight, const QString &text, const QString &caption, const QString &continueButtonText, QWidget *parent)

Protected Slots

void slotActionActivated ()
void slotActionToolTipChanged (const QString &string)
virtual void slotBackgroundColorChanged (const kpColor &col)
void slotBackgroundColorChangedInternal (const kpColor &color)
virtual void slotColorSimilarityChanged (double, int)
void slotColorSimilarityChangedInternal (double similarity, int processedSimilarity)
virtual void slotColorsSwapped (const kpColor &, const kpColor &)
void slotColorsSwappedInternal (const kpColor &newForegroundColor, const kpColor &newBackgroundColor)
virtual void slotForegroundColorChanged (const kpColor &col)
void slotForegroundColorChangedInternal (const kpColor &color)
void updateBrushAndCursor ()

Protected Member Functions

bool altPressed () const
void arrowKeyPressDirection (const QKeyEvent *e, int *dx, int *dy)
kpColor backgroundColor () const
kpTempImage::UserFunctionType brushDrawFunction () const
void * brushDrawFunctionData () const
int brushHeight () const
bool brushIsDiagonalLine () const
int brushWidth () const
virtual bool careAboutColorsSwapped () const
virtual bool careAboutModifierState () const
kpColor color (int which) const
virtual kpColor color (int which)
virtual bool colorsAreSwapped () const
double colorSimilarity () const
kpCommandHistory * commandHistory () const
bool controlPressed () const
kpToolFlowCommand * currentCommand () const
QPoint currentPoint () const
bool currentPointCardinallyNextToLast () const
bool currentPointNextToLast () const
QPoint currentViewPoint () const
kpDocument * document () const
virtual QRect drawLine (const QPoint &thisPoint, const QPoint &lastPoint)
virtual void endShape (const QPoint &thisPoint=QPoint(), const QRect &normalizedRect=QRect())
kpToolEnvironment * environ () const
kpColor foregroundColor () const
bool haveAnyBrushes () const
virtual bool haveDiverseBrushes () const
virtual QString haventBegunDrawUserMessage () const =0
virtual bool haveSquareBrushes () const
QRect hotRect () const
bool isDrawKey (int key)
QPoint lastPoint () const
int mouseButton () const
QRect normalizedRect () const
kpColor oldBackgroundColor () const
double oldColorSimilarity () const
kpColor oldForegroundColor () const
int processedColorSimilarity () const
virtual bool returnToPreviousToolAfterEndDraw () const
void seeIfAndHandleArrowKeyPress (QKeyEvent *e)
void seeIfAndHandleBeginDrawKeyPress (QKeyEvent *e)
void seeIfAndHandleEndDrawKeyPress (QKeyEvent *e)
void seeIfAndHandleModifierKey (QKeyEvent *e)
virtual void setAltPressed (bool pressed)
virtual void setControlPressed (bool pressed)
virtual void setShiftPressed (bool pressed)
bool shiftPressed () const
QPoint startPoint () const
kpToolToolBar * toolToolBar () const
kpViewManager * viewManager () const
kpViewviewUnderCursor () const

Static Protected Member Functions

static int mouseButton (Qt::MouseButtons mouseButtons)

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