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The KScan Library.


The KScan Library provides an interface for the SANE-lib (see http://www.sane-project.org for more information) for KDE2 applications.


The KScan Library furnishes each KDE2 application with an object which can connect to a scanner set up by SANE, as well as read out and manage the scanner's parameters. The difficulty with this is that SANE scanners do not have a uniform set of options. The scanners support various scan options. An interface for establishing contact to the scanners has to be set up dynamically after the decision is made as to which available device in the system should be used (dynamic GUI).

How to use libkscan

Libkscan provides a dialog for you to include scan functionality to your application. This includes on the main page of the dialog

Abstract KScan Objects

The KScan Library defines the following classes which are responsible for managing the scanner's parameters:

Helper Classes

There are some helper widgets which simplify the dynamic setup of the scanning interface. These objects provide simple combinations of base widgets to make their usage easier.

Itemized, these are:

Interface Objects

The KScan Library offers some ready-made objects which can be used as a sort of pre-fabricated dialog in order to integrate the scanning functionality into an application. This results in the availability of scanning functionality in all applications over the same interface.

Currently, there are the following interface elements:

Klaas Freitag <freitag@suse.de>

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